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At Mt. Juliet Dog Trainer we have found that almost all dog owners want a well-behaved pet.  The problem is that most dog owners don’t have one.  Instead, a huge number of dog owners have unruly and sometimes aggressive dogs that can create a liability.  That’s not what we signed up for when you decided to get a dog.

The sad part is that with only 15 minutes a day you can have a well-trained dog that you can enjoy and take with you wherever you go.  We can show you how.

Training and exercise are two of the most important things that you can give your dog to have a happy, well-adjusted dog.  Your dog needs a strong pack leader, and training will make you the pack leader and earn the respect that a pack leader expects.

Every well behaved dog should be able to do the basic exercises that are crucial to having a well-trained dog.  Here at Mt. Juliet Dog Trainer, we can teach you how to do what it takes to accomplish your goal.

These are some of the exercises that we will be teaching your dog here at Mt. Juliet Dog Trainer.

  1. Walking on a loose leash at your side
  2. Sit on command
  3. Down on command
  4. Stand
  5. Sit-stay
  6. Down-stay
  7. Stand-stay
  8. Recall, come when you call

We will also be working on behavior that drives us all crazy like jumping, house training, unwanted barking, digging, and more.

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Your dog will enjoy learning what it takes to be the perfect pet and it will be something you are proud of.

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   4 Dog Training Tips


There are several different things about dog training that should always be practiced if you want a well behaved and well-adjusted dog. Here are 4 of the most important dog training tips.

1. Repetition – Dogs learn by repetition, so it is very important that you repeat things over and over so that they catch on. If you stop and think about that statement for a minute, it will make sense because it is the same for humans. The more we do a particular task, the better we get at it, hopefully. Well, it is the same for a dog.

2. Patience – To be able to train a dog, you need a bunch of this one. Yes, you just can’t lose your patience with a dog because they don’t understand and quite often will simply shut down. They are good at reading your body language and your tone of voice, so don’t lose your patience.

3. Time – Your dog needs time with you. A dog that lives in the backyard and gets very little or no human contact daily is always going to be a problem dog. Your dog needs your time. It needs to know that you care about it, so show that you care by spending time and playing with your dog so that you develop a great relationship.

4. Exercise – Dogs need exercise. I have always said that a trained dog is happy, but an exhausted dog is happier. If you want a happy dog, make sure that it gets plenty of exercise. Go for long walks, go swimming, or even retrieve a ball anything to get your dog up and moving. It will be good for both of you.

If you follow these dog training tips, I think that you will have a well trained, happy dog that will want to do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Are you ready for a well-trained dog?

Which Training Program Is Right For You?

You have taken the first step by deciding that you need to train your dog, but unsure about what training program works best for you.  Let’s go through the various types of training that are available here at Mt. Juliet Dog Trainer.

First, let’s talk about DIY: the “do-it-yourself” method.  Of course, you can always train your dog yourself; read books, and put into practice the various techniques learned; however, the results might not always be what you hoped.  Training your dog can be a great adventure if you know what you are doing, understanding what techniques work and which don’t, and have little help from an experienced dog trainer.

What about Group Classes? These are usually the least costly method to train your dog with the aid of a trainer.  Group classes don’t work for everyone.  First of all, the classes are held at a specific time on a specific day.  But what if your schedule doesn’t allow you to make each class?  We all know that things pop up that can alter our daily plans. If you miss a class, the trainer’s policy might include an additional charge for a make up class.  And then there is the issue of the dogs being so distracted by all the noises and strange surroundings, that they can’t focus on the handler’s instructions.  Finally, the instructor has to divide his/her attention to everybody in the class, so there is little time for personal one-on-one instruction.  Many times the owner becomes so frustrated with all the chaos of a group situation that they never complete the course, leaving them with an unruly dog.

What is a Board and Train Program?  Just as the name suggests, the dog is boarded at the trainer’s home or kennel.  The trainer works one-on-one with the dog for multiple sessions during the day.

A Board and Train program should be a minimum of 4 weeks in duration. Some trainers will offer a 2-week program, which will not always produce favorable results. It takes a minimum of 28 days to effectively change a dog’s behavior and produce a nicely trained dog. At the end of the training program, the owner should receive at least 2 private training sessions to understand the obedience commands and how to execute them properly. For those owners who don’t have the desire or the adequate time to train their dog, the Board and Train program can be the difference between having a trained dog vs. an untrained, unruly dog.

What is the most effective way to train your dog? The In-Home Training program is considered the most effective way to train your dog. The training is done in the comfort of your home, without any outside distractions. This method is the least stressful for both owner and dog. The owner needs to commit to only 15 minutes daily for a training session. Sessions need to be kept short to keep the dog’s attention. One session daily will provide a trained dog; amp that up to 2-15 minute sessions daily, and you will be amazed at the results. In-home training is generally a series of carefully guided lessons with a professional trainer, you and your dog.

Dog owners often don’t understand how a few simple obedience exercises can solve a myriad of common dog behavior problems. Problems like excessive barking, jumping on family members and friends, chewing and destroying the house can all be corrected by utilizing some basic commands. Obedience training provides you with the tools you need to communicate with your dog.

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What our clients say

My husband and I were somewhat doubtful about our training experience. However, as we practiced the techniques at home between the sessions and long after our sessions, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We have a couple of dogs that were fighting, nipping neighbors, and chewing furniture. We were ready to give up. Now, they are well behaved, off their meds, and a pleasure to be around. They even listen to our commands! 

Cathy D.

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