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Group Classes

If you’re interested in group dog training, the pros at offer obedience classes. These reasonably-priced classes are spread across six lessons. Before signing up, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Classes contain as many as 10 dogs. If your dog doesn’t do well around other dogs or people, you should avoid the class to keep all everyone safe. We offer an Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation Program for aggressive pets.

Our group classes are designed to teach general obedience skills and don’t provide the kind of specialized feedback you might get from private classes. Still, we’ll be glad to answer your questions and assist with correcting behaviors when time allows.

Our group classes take place each week and are held at a pre-specified location and time. You need to make sure you and your pet attend every class so that you don’t fall behind. After a class is over, you’ll want to work on training skills with your dog at least once daily. Repetition plays an important role in dog training, which is why working with your pet two or three times a day will yield even better results.

We include these exercises in the group obedience lessons:

Class members will love learning to walk their pets with a loose leash

In our lessons, your pet will also learn the “sit” and “sit-stay” commands. This can be helpful when someone is at the door or when your dog is meeting a new person for the first time.

It’s important for your dog to perceive you as their pack leader, which is something down and down-stay exercises can help with. If your dog is 20 feet from you, and they listen when you give them the down command, even if you don’t do anything else to persuade them, you’re clearly being seen as the pack leader. This exercise is one that can help save lives.

When you’re taking your pet to see the vet, or when your dog is being groomed, you’ll really appreciate both the stand and stand-stay exercises.

Another life-saving exercise is the recall exercise. This exercise is designed to teach your dog to come when you call. It can be crucial, especially in dangerous situations.

In addition to all of the excellent exercises listed above, we’ll set aside time to work on pet-specific behavior issues.

After you and your pet have finished the class, you’ll have the skills to maintain your dog’s training for the rest of its life.

While group obedience classes have a long history, they’ve decreased in popularity in recent years. This is in large because a lot of people are choosing private lessons in their home. If group classes are something you’re interested in, you may want to ask friends, family members, or people from your neighborhood if they would like to do a class together.

If you’re interested in group classes, call us as soon as you can!  We’ll work to make sure you’re fully accommodated.

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