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In-Home Obedience Training

Here is the In-Home Dog Training Program that everybody is talking about.  This is the program that allows you to stay at home and have our professional trainer to come to you at a time that is convenient for you.  Yes, no more fighting to get the dog in the car.

Training in your home has many more advantages as well.  One, for example, is the fact that we will be working in a place that your dog is familiar with, so there are now huge distractions while he is leaning.

There aren’t any other dogs around during the training (new learning sessions), so your dog again is not distracted.

Now please don’t get me wrong your dog needs to be able to work around many different distractions; however, we will do that a bit later after it has had a chance to learn what each exercise involves and is proficient at it.

As time goes on, you will be doing your training in a bunch of different locations, so your dog learns it has to follow your commands no matter where you are.

Here at Mt. Juliet Dog Trainer, we have created our in-home program to cover all the things that a well-behaved dog should know and do.  Here are some of the exercises we teach you and your dog:

  1. How to walk on a leash, so you are not being dragged down the street
  2. You and your dog will master the sit, down and stand exercises
  3. Then the control exercise like the sit-stay, down-stay, and stand-stay
  4. We will work on the come command so your dog comes when called as well

The obedience exercises are very important; however, we will also work to solve any behavior issues your dog may have, including:

  1. Jumping on people
  2. Uncontrolled barking
  3. Digging up the yard
  4. Manners when somebody comes to your home
  5. Of course, housetraining if it is still an issue
  6. and anything else you need help with

Since our professional trainer is working with you one on one, we can help you with any command or behavior problem that your dog may have.

Don’t forget about our lifetime commitment to you.  After your training, we are available to you 365 days a year for as long as you have your dog to answer any questions or to solve any problems.

Keep in mind that we are also very experienced with aggressive dog rehabilitation, and we actually have a program just for aggressive dogs, so don’t hesitate to ask if aggression is an issue.

We are Mt. Juliet Dog Trainer; however, we offer our services all over the Middle Tennessee area, so if you need us, we are available.



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