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Puppy Class

Are you bringing home a new puppy soon?  Or maybe you have already done it, and now you need some help.  Getting a new puppy is always exciting, but it brings on a bunch of new responsibilities for the new dog owner.  These responsibilities include feeding, house training, exercising, training, and a lot of socialization, while it is still a pup.

Well, I want you to know that the pros at Mt. Juliet Dog Training are here to help.  We have a Puppy Training Program that includes all those things and more.  We will give you the information you need to have a happy, healthy dog for years to come.

Keep in mind that the ideal time to get a puppy is at 8 weeks of age.  At that age, you can teach your dog a bunch of the things that it will need for the rest of its life.  These include but are not limited to house training, no biting (those little teeth are like razor blades), no chewing, no jumping, and more.

Keep in mind that formal obedience training shouldn’t start until your dog is at least 16 weeks (4 months) of age, but that’s okay because you will have a bunch of other things to work on until then.

Let’s talk about just a few of the things we will be able to help you with in our Puppy Training Program.

 First thing, let’s get started with the house training your puppy.  The fewer accidents you have in your house, the happier everybody will be.  We have been using a method for many years that allows us to teach you the three rules of house training.  We have just great success with it that most people say they never had another accident in the house after learning the three rules.

Chewing on your rugs and furniture can create a whole new set of issues; however, we will show you how to make it go away effortlessly and quickly.

One thing that seems to plague all new puppy owners is the biting on your hands.  This is an easy one, and we will teach you how to make it go away quickly without any scolding.  You’ll love it, and it’s easy.

All puppies should have a crate because they are den animals, but which one is best.  There is a clearcut winner, and your trainer will give you all that information as well.

I think you get the idea about what is covered but here are a few more things we discuss in the program.

  1. We will talk about which toys are safest for your dog
  2. Your trainer will give you ideas of the safest ways to play with your dog
  3. We will discuss feeding your dog how often and what food is best
  4. The importance of finding the right veterinarian
  5. Plus at the end, your puppy trainer will be happy to answer all your questions and keep doing that via phone until your dog is 4 months old and ready for formal training

Give us a call so we can answer all your questions and get you scheduled for the class.

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